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Talonzz 04-01-2009 11:23 AM

PolyPaint Problems with White
I must admit I am just learning the mighty Z... But I recently ran in to a problem while learning PolyPaint. We're taught to prime the canvas with white prior to painting. What if you want to paint with white? I had a subtool where I used the Gorilla MatCap, Filled it with white and then attempted to paint white in a couple of areas... it don't work. If I fill it with a darker color, which also darkens the material color, then I can paint white but it turns out dull grey. I could have painted with white material but then it appears I am painting the poly's rather than the vertex and you can't get a smooth edge.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated...:cool:

Talonzz 04-01-2009 12:12 PM

Sven, over at ZBrush Central "Schooled" me on how to work around this... In case anybody is as dense as I appear to be :rolleyes: Here is what Sven had to say...

"If you've already filled the polypainted polys/verts with white, doesn't logic tell you that you can't then paint white on an already white surface with any kind of visible result? Come on. :rolleyes:

The suggestion to fill with a uniform white is so you can see through the material what any OTHER, DARKER color is doing.

You could do something like what you already tried, fill with 128 gray, then, adjust the Gorilla matcap material to appear universally lighter. Then any white you paint onto the gray will show up as white.

How to adjust the Gorilla matcap material
After you fill with 128 gray, go to Materials>Modifer, adjust the slider for Intensity A higher until the gorilla material looks like it used to when filled with white.

Now, if you paint with some lighter gray or white, it will highlight as you want it to.


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