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A.Alvarez 11-09-2015 18:06 PM

November, 2015: King's Tomb
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Hi all...

This month's theme is to create an ancient tomb. The perspective could be wide where we see much of the space, or close up on the king... who could be on a throne, in a crypt, sarcophagus, and so on. The word ancient can also be used in a variety of contexts... as what is ancient for us may not be for some far away alien race. i.e. there could be a sci-fi spin to this.

Good Luck!

edit: Winners Announced!


DUCTM 11-19-2015 00:15 AM

Hi everyone, here's my entry for this month, an asia ancient tomb.

Viktor Bright 11-22-2015 13:36 PM

The Tomb
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Here is ancient sci-fi tomb.


Daazed 11-24-2015 12:40 PM

Hi guys, here is my entry for Kings Tomb. It was nice to explore a more painterly style here with a little cinematic themed lighting :)

image link none bordered:-

Thanks guys :)

bloecher 11-25-2015 13:33 PM

very nice lighting!

Daazed 11-25-2015 15:43 PM


Originally Posted by bloecher (Post 41531)
very nice lighting!

Thank you :)

aika 11-27-2015 17:16 PM

Marble King
After the last Byzantine emperor died, people created a legend to keep his memory and beliefs alive. According to the legend the King turned to stone or marble and he was hidden in a cave. His right hand is slowly unseathing his sword. When the sword is completely revealed he wll come alive and return to his people to rule.


Jmd 11-28-2015 16:24 PM

King's Tomb
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Hi all. My entry for this month, cheers. Stoic inner crypt to the Imperator!

aika 11-28-2015 18:04 PM

jmd thats amazing!

ulrich 11-29-2015 08:55 AM

King`s Tomb
After the big impact in 2124 people lived on terraformed Mars... everything was fine... just archeology became a little bit more complicated. ;)

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