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GTpix 07-06-2009 14:03 PM

Stairway WIP
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here is my wip. I wanted to adapt the battle between Gandalf and the Balrog on a stairway.
herebelow the inspiring image, and my work after 2 hours. Lot's of work to do on the scene. Hope you'll like it.

Cecil Bienfang 07-06-2009 20:48 PM

Cool work GTpix, both here and in all your challenge entries.

Will you also include some Archer Orcs in this scene?

Will you redesign the Balrog or Gandalf?

This will be fun watching develop.

Not like you're taking requests or anything, but the pose where the Balrog's material seems to petrify or turn to burning ash and brimstone is one of the films most powerful (and technically astonishing) moments -- and a winning pose if ever there was one. If you manage to recreate that, please, if possible, and when the contest is complete, post some screens of your shader tree / node setups. :D

Cheers and continued success.

one lung lewis 07-09-2009 15:37 PM

Awesome! I'm totaly pumped about how this one is going to turn out. I have decided to join in on the 3D contest this month. Keep up the great work, great job on the hatch entry as well.

One Lung Lewis

GTpix 07-10-2009 15:11 PM

Hi guys,
I'm sorry but I won't find the time to finish this work. Perhaps another day. For now, I'm very busy with my job, and you know: what would you do for money? :) Good luck to all for this july contest.

Grashock 07-11-2009 21:17 PM

That's too bad, I was looking forward to a less cartoony render from you. Similar to your throne image. In any case your opening it up a bit so while I love to see your work, I'm kinda glad your giving some of us a better shot :P

Good luck and I'm looking forward to your entries in the future.

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