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JohnAnthony 01-08-2009 19:28 PM

Kinematic quirks...
I'm trying out some different rigs in anticiaption of the kinematics class(hopefully), but have hit on an issue. I've been trying to get a reverse foot (with four bones in the reverse) to control the skelteon bones and IK via constraints. Now I spent a few hours on this and couldn't get it to work properly. Everytime I set up the constraint the skeleton bones tweak, and if they dont tweak outright, then the bones constrained to them tweak. If it's common knowlege that constraints in a foot rig is not a good idea, can someone shout it out?

I have another method for the reverse using parenting and an IK on each bone, plus the 'Alex quick rig' from Kinematics 4, so it's not like it's the end of the world, but I'm a curious guy, and like to know a bunch of ways of doing things...


JohnAnthony 01-10-2009 10:32 AM

got it to work pretty good actually. I just dumped the joints, imported the geometry into a new scene and started over. I tried a couple of diffrent approaches and just couldn't get it from any itierations base on that file...

thought I would have to dump my prefs and regenerate those, that was the way I solved a previous rigging problem when the ik end effector kept tweaking on reposition via the insert key...oh well, ghosts in the machine I suppose.

JohnAnthony 01-14-2009 16:25 PM

having an issue finding the Maya muscle plug in...not in Plug in manager or it's associated directory. I'm running 2008. any ideas, anyone?

JohnAnthony 01-16-2009 13:07 PM

aha ! It looks like Maya muscle is available only to Autodesk gold subscription members as far as 2008 goes. It's supposed to be included in Maya 2009...can anyone confirm that ? I can't find out for sure...

JohnAnthony 01-23-2009 01:16 AM

Hey, when setting up the foot roll on the reverse foot, anybody have any input on what tangency to use on the keys? I haven't started animating iwth this foot yet, and want ot make sure I'm not going to have issue when setting up a walk cycle...

JohnAnthony 01-28-2009 02:02 AM

ok so I've got a variety of rigs built, and have gotten a bunch of variations, all good. Many kinds of hierarchies, constraints, control objects, some real orderly mayhem going on, very cool.

now I'm doing a little skinning, and trying to adjust weights via the component eidtor (and I've used max influences of three after skinning selected joints in the bind process ) , I'll zero a weight on a column of verts, only to find other verts suddenly attain a weight, while previously weighted verts zero out...go figure.

I'm guessing this has everything to do with normalization, redistrbuting the 0-1 weight wherever, but tthis is really messing things up..
any input? anyone?

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