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The Gnomon Workshop 02-01-2017 10:49 AM

February, 2017: Loot chest
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This monthís challenge is to create a loot chest. Something that that houses and protects its most valuable goods. It can be anything found, lost, stolen, new, old, organic or hard surface. Itís completely up to you for interpretation.

edit: Winners Announced!

3dsupernerd 02-20-2017 13:06 PM

My Loot Chest
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Hello guys! it is the first time i am participating in a challenge here, i am very glady i could finish my Loot chest.
I used 3ds max and Photoshop for this project, i tried to create an old but nice loot chest where i could keep my favorite thing, in this case my violin.
I also modeled a violin to be inside the chest.
Along with the final image there is other renders and a wireframe of the scene, i hope you like it! C&C are always welcome :)

pandoravanitas 02-26-2017 14:34 PM

Loot Chest
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Here is a treasure chest I modelled a while back to practice underwater scenes but I see no reason I can't use it here too. I don't know how to make them appear on the forum as images instead of attachments.

These images can also be found on my artstation profile.

Thailur 02-27-2017 10:38 AM

Space Loot
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This is my take on a sci-fi loot chest full of expensive space cargo. Been working on this here and there for the past few weeks. It's not quite as refined as I hoped it would be, but I won't have more time to polish it further this here it is!

sakis 02-27-2017 12:40 PM

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Dont know why its not appearing posted it 4 times :confused:

edit: made a lower res render just in case

Attachment 10090

JonathanCaro3D 02-27-2017 21:28 PM

Loot chest
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Hello everyone, this is my first participation in the contest, this is my entry for the contest, suggestions are welcome, thank you very much

ritchie.o 03-01-2017 17:13 PM

Sci Fi Loot Chest
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I wanted to add another render.

canonball900 03-02-2017 03:49 AM

Japanese Tansu Loot Chest
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Here is my submission; modeled and rendered in Modo, textured in Quixel Ddo and Photoshop.

hensleyb 03-02-2017 16:11 PM

Loot Chest
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Here is my entry for the loot chest. Good luck everyone!
Attachment 10100

Nicole4481 03-02-2017 21:54 PM

Puzzle Box
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Hi Everyone! I wanted to do something a little different so I did my own version of a Moroccan Puzzle Box. The box cannot be opened until you figure the exact movements to reveal the key and the keyhole of the box. It would be a great place to hide valuables.

To open the box you have to:
~Find the base of the box and push it backwards
~Slide the front section of the base over to reveal a compartment containing the key
~Locate the center slat and remove it to reveal the keyhole
~Insert the key into the keyhole to unlock the box

This project was modeled in Maya and textured in Substance Painter.

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