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Rcrawford 09-20-2014 16:28 PM

Question Regarding Creating Terrains with Satellite Data, Volume 1
During the process of creating tiled textured to get more resolution in the scene, the UVs for the poly plane are scaled by 2 to accommodate the 4 textures.

Since the UVs are changed and the Displacement map is still in 0-1 it causes a problem in my displacement. I don't believe this is addressed in any of the videos. I figured I would just create 4 tiles for my displacement map in the same fashion as the color maps but this does not work.

Other solutions I have attempted to create a multi tile displacement have not worked either.

Did I miss something in the videos? Or does anyone have a solution for this.

timreed 02-24-2015 16:54 PM

I'm in the same boat...did you find a solution?

surfengine 02-24-2015 22:43 PM

did yo0u guys use globalmapper? i tried several other free programs but never could figure out how to stitch the data.
so i never made it to the point you guys are talking about...

timreed 02-25-2015 15:01 PM

Yeah, I used Global Mapper. Made it super easy. Still can't figure out this displacement map tiling problem though:confused:

surfengine 02-25-2015 18:51 PM

I dont know if you are interested in this, but if you could send me the output of globalmapper (texture file + 16bit height map) then I could follow through the rest of the tutorial and then maybe figure out the problem?

you would probably need some ftp site like infinti or box to get me the files, however.

Atif 04-11-2015 03:21 AM

Damn you guys i have been so busy, i cant seem to finish one in time..
anyways i have a couple of ideas...
ill just Scream it out loud GUN BLADE...


facelessfabian 09-10-2015 17:41 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Hello everyone I think I figured out my problem... It was on the Step when Alex scales his UVs 4x2. When I test rendered thats when I would see the 4x2 tiles...
I found an alternative... Instead of scaling 4x2, just keep it 1x1
Do a test render and see if thats fine first. After you insert your first tile
on your 2d Texture Placement Attr:

Coverage == 0.250 , 0.500

Translate Frame == 0.0, 0.0

Coverage == 0.250, 0.500

Translate Frame == 0.0, 0.500
Etc, do this for all your tiled files.

If your scale UV units are off like mine was, this is the fix around

The coverage Attributs is the x and y values. This worked for me, hopefully it does for you too.
Check images

rwilliams23 06-17-2016 15:02 PM

In my workflow, the displacement worked after I increased Coverage on the DM's 2d placement node to 4x2.

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