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purplemikey 11-18-2008 14:18 PM

Unmanned war machine contest - mikey
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Hey guys
I started to critique your work
but I havent give you anything to critique
so I hope you'll take your revenge (hey... wait... I've been fine with you be fine with me :o)
okay so there's one thing I want you to know...
dont be too hard on me its my first scene, contest, month in 3D
and Im not taking any courses... just me and google as teacher
so... yeah my scene is pretty ugly
I've modeled,textured, rigged like 50% of the scene
still have to model few things...

so... Ill show what it looks like and work on it tomorow =)
and Ill also upload pictures of the robot and the... "walking ground" tomorow to let you see how they are...
and Ill probably modify the walking ground anyway... I dont like the fact that they are flat on top... and ill give them new positions (2are on the same position for the moment...)

et Salut tout les francais

ekimnrag 11-18-2008 15:10 PM

what are the red leg things in the shadows? thanks for the complement by the way.

purplemikey 11-18-2008 16:18 PM

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the red light is a point light in the center of the explosion [explaining the "red legs"]
maybe its a bit too intence but I found the effect cool (and I still have to add the moon)
and the white light come from the rocket... Ill delete that light of give a directionnal light pointing in the smoke way

so the legs you see are coming from a creature that you probably dont see since I dont have a lot of lights cuz I havent did the moon and everything... Ill post a picture in the thumbnails right now =)

NOTE: the "creature"'s body will be edited tomorow to get a more "realistic" body
that one was modeled only for the quick render... since its only a background creature...

Thx for asking =)

purplemikey 11-29-2008 08:52 AM

-NOT IN THE CONTEST-no computer till december 3-4th

ill try to be in the next one =\
good luck guys!!

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