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The Gnomon Workshop 07-06-2017 12:09 PM

July, 2017: Space Suit Thrusters
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You've been deployed to space to battle infantry space soldiers. Armed and wearing nothing but your space suit in zero gravity, your thrusters must be able to maneuver you out of harm's way. This month's contest theme is to design a set of space suit thrusters. They can be large and powerful or small and agile. It's completely up to you!

neutrohn 07-21-2017 17:15 PM


honestly, after second place last month i wantet go higher and get gold. i created some massive expactation for myself and the project should no be lower then godlevel.. now you see, thats my godlevel trusters.. not much but all i could create under the pressure making a masterpiece for gold. i wanted to post this anyway because failing is also part of making models. i felt very cocki from 2 place last month.and iam ashemd now for that.. i think i cant handle success.. all it does making me a damn arogant bitch. good luck and have fun.


AtiusTiran 07-29-2017 05:49 AM

Thruster LJD 29
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I had so much fun with the last project and wanted to do something again.
Here is my space suit thruster.

Thruster LJD 29
Model: Beetle
It has three big thrusters on the back
and six small ones on the sides and shoulders to maneuver

Koso 07-31-2017 06:35 AM

Space Suit thrusters entry
Hello, here is my entry for this month.

Mateo Peralta 07-31-2017 20:29 PM

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Yea, Im almost achieving posting an entry per year :D Hope I can make it more often, not reusing stuff, and to have more time to make something more elaborate.. but once per year is not so a bad start, haha. So here is my entry, my old spaceship is now a backpack with thrusters (recycling is goood)... and the old man face and the spacesuit is from tutorials I followed a year ago, when I was in school with acces to those tutorials...and had a bit more time :) My plan is posting something next month, for a change:) and making more sport, quitting unhealthy food, etc haha.

zissou 08-01-2017 00:49 AM

Newbies space thurster
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Hi there! first time posting here! I am completely new at this thing and this is my first hard surface modelling foray, from the university of YouTube :)

I named the thruster after my skill level, but the basic idea, behind the design was to make an modular attachable backpack, for forward thursters. Had great fun doing it, i hope to be better next time! Cheers!

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