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A.Alvarez 04-06-2016 20:14 PM

April, 2016: Legendary Drop
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Hi all...

Sorry for the absence, but the contest is back! Been a hectic couple months for me... we're about to launch a new site for the Gnomon Workshop, had to prep for an event in Melbourne, the Gnomon School is undergoing a big expansion, perhaps too many balls in the air! Excuses... But again, sorry that I disappeared from here for a bit. Oi.

April's theme: Legendary Drop

This month's contest is to create what would be considered a powerful and very cool, yet rare and hard to get, weapon as you would see in a fantasy game. I've played a ton of World of Warcraft and so some of you will understand the reference to 'legendary drops', although any gamer should get the idea of what the contest is about... a cool weapon! Your submission only needs to focus on the weapon (of any type or class). Multiple views may be appropriate depending on the design.

Note: Contest Prizes are changing from here on out... Reason being is that with the launch of the new site we will be phasing out DVDs as we switch to a streaming / subscription only library.

1st place: One Year Subscription to the Gnomon Workshop Library
2nd place: Six months
3rd place: Three months
4th place: One month

For those who already have subscriptions, we will be adding time to your account. Meaning that if you have seven months left on an annual subscription, for example, and you won third place, we would add three months so that you would have ten months left. Hope that made sense... :P

Good Luck!

Edit: Winners Announced!


Grubber 04-07-2016 01:54 AM

It is good to see you back.
The theme for the contest is great, so are the prizes :)
Good luck everyone!

Thomas Weger 04-18-2016 09:45 AM

Trioxal's Bite
Hi there!
It's good to be back.

This is my submission for this month' 3D Image Challenge.

Trioxal's Bite is a one-handed tank weapon. Trioxal, the demon inside the weapon, bites the tank's target and so triggers more aggro to help the tank keep control of the the enemie monster. The several eyes on the sword also increase the parry chance of the bearer because he can see attacks earlier.

I don't know if there's a way to embed Marmoset Viewer files within a forum so I just can post a link to my artstation portfolio:

High Poly

Rocklobstaa 04-20-2016 08:46 AM

Essence of the Makers
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Hey all,
So for my legendary drop I wanted to try and craft up a healing mace, because healers are under represented in the cool gear community. The concept behind this is a weapon powered by the essence of a fallen Watcher, sent by the creators of the world to keep corruption at bay. When the Watcher fell, a piece was kept and used to create a weapon imbued with the power of creation itself.

zhouli 04-25-2016 23:43 PM

Curse tree scythe
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Always want to be apart of the contest after couple using zbrush finally get comfortable to enter.

JustinSlick 04-27-2016 16:14 PM

Oh nice, the contest is back!

Thomas Weger, sweet sculpt!

henners118 04-30-2016 16:45 PM

Staff of the Luna Raven
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My concept for this is a Night Elf Druid's Staff reflecting the waning moon sequence. I'd imagine this drop is from an evil druid trapped in it's shapeshifted form - the raven.
This is based on the Warcraft games and characters.

This is my first entry but I'm looking to entering more in the future.
I love everyones work on the GnomonWorkshop site here.

Good luck everyone. :D

MITrAndir 04-30-2016 18:16 PM

Soulbinder - one hand sword
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Hi all,

Here is the my contribution for this month challenge.
Its one hand sword with enchantment to bind souls when victim is struck - hence the name Soulbinder.
My main inspirations were the legendary weapons of Diablo 3, but i took more "grounded" approach in design.
I uploaded the final render from Marmoset Toolbag and my concept sketch as well as clay render.

NinoChris 04-30-2016 20:34 PM

Dragon's Bone Blade
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OK wanted to give this one a try. I call it the Dragon's Bone.

Grubber 04-30-2016 23:29 PM

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I did this one some time ago. I think it fits the theme :)

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