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A.Alvarez 09-06-2007 12:56 PM

Contest Themes?
Hi all...

though I would start a thread where people could make suggestions for our monthly contest themes. :)



zeus 09-06-2007 14:08 PM

hey alex
I have so many but I will just name 4

the moment of disaster . can be anything, an earthquake , a volcano, a flood, a twister, a giant laser beam coming from the sky, a tsunami showing and indicating the power of nature over humanity. begining of destruction. I have seen devastated environment illustrations but not many dynamic disaster moment illustrations.

how about myth gods in a specific era ?
from china to europe every culture have their own myth gods .
how would they look if they appeared in the early 19ths ?
it can be another era or specific timezone. just to give an example, it can be;
post nuclear war steam punk venus.
second world war thor.

this may sound odd but , fantasy characters sports.
I would love to illustrate an orc playing basketball in middle earth.
a dark elf in his armor playing hockey on a frozen lake next to an elf village.
or they may have their own sports like tree knocking contest for dwarves? I dont know. they can be in our daily environments too. a streetball ogre?

the four element ninjas in pose.
air, earth, water, fire martial art warriors. using elemental abilities.

Andre-J 09-06-2007 14:15 PM

I'd like to see towers or overgrown scenarios:)

Suirebit 09-07-2007 05:19 AM

whatever the theme it should be something that allows almost everybody to get in....for example a theme like "Little Red" it's too restrictive.

On the other hand a theme like "At the whim of Gods" can allow everything from scenery and matte painting to concept art and characters....

CMobley 09-10-2007 06:12 AM

something to do with spiritual worship. like churches temples etc.. or can jump to characters designs like monks priest holy men etc.....

HEAT 09-11-2007 10:56 AM

contest title
how about

"your hero"

i think everyone should pen their own hero and esp with the flood of Marvel movies we're talking over 1 billion in sales alone on spider man X-Men etc

everyone should have a personnel hero penned

wieser_d 09-17-2007 14:31 PM

hi all :D

I thought of a topic called:

"The most (un)futuristic Weapon/Gadget/Device (etc.)"

could be a mechanic, natural, organic Weapon/Gadget/Device (etc.)
? Just got this idea...
hope it's a productive contribution...

Maybe I'll find some more ideas ^^

Cheers from Austria

space-sprayer 09-17-2007 15:02 PM

I agree with Suirebit. By giving a slightly abstract theme, all different disciplines can compete and throw in their own ideas. The last few contests have been very character based, and I know a lot of us enviro guys have been waiting on a contest like this months :)


chubi 09-30-2007 21:37 PM

how about celebrity carricature.
that would be a fun one to do.

edra 10-05-2007 15:50 PM


'medieval war' , "something with castles,

"arctic survival"

"extravagant hotel "


" city tribe "


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