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JarrardL 09-30-2016 12:44 PM

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My entry for this month's challenge. Decided to go for the cute robot companion to a thief set in a grungy post-apocalyptic world.

glow-arch 09-30-2016 13:12 PM


Zachary 09-30-2016 14:10 PM

My robot entry
My entry for this month-used this as an opportunity to work on my perspective and forms! Good work everyone!

CometChan 09-30-2016 18:01 PM

Robot Companion (test post)
Hi everyone.
This a personal test to see where this texte will appear.
Because I still don't understand if I'm replying for the 2D contest or to the person above (or before) this post.
Thanks for Your (indulgence?).

Humm.... well
It's still disturbing.

CometChan 09-30-2016 18:33 PM

Robot Companion my entry
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It's seems to be the place.
Here is my entry "Bubbies at work".
And because everyone need to do it, I'm about to sleep.
Good night.

RP Designs 09-30-2016 18:42 PM

Robot Companion | Little Knight
Whew, cut it close this time. Here is my design, "Little Knight". Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci's robotic knight design. The story element being the human is a renaissance arms dealer, with his helper/robotic knight carrying the goods.

King-cucco 09-30-2016 23:09 PM

This is my first post! I've had this sketch of the fish man for a little while now and was able to finish painting it with this robot helicopter thing that helps keep the fish-man moist while venturing outside or on land. I don't think i'll be able to finish painting the sketches on the right before the deadline, but it was very fun to draw.

Good luck everyone!

Edit: 5 minutes to deadline i'm also putting up the image without the sketches on the right.

Hunter Lee 09-30-2016 23:26 PM

Recon Companion
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Whoa about 35 minutes 'til due date......

CopperSky 09-30-2016 23:47 PM

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Here is my entry for Robot Companion, I call it "Strange planet".
Also on my deviantart :

Julia Sanz 10-01-2016 06:55 AM


Originally Posted by morganbw (Post 42248)
Julia Sanz, your entry made me laugh. Funny that the robot is the companion and yet he's wrapped around the fish. Creative candy.

hahaha, Thank you! Yes, it's another funny point of this way the fish is always a safe, clever guy!!

Creativity is powerful!! It's great to see all your powers on this forum every month :)

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