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A.Alvarez 01-06-2007 03:34 AM

January, 2007: Tunnel
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Ok, so here we go again! :)
This month's theme is the Tunnel...

Clearly open to interpretation, this could be something natural, organic, architectural, macro, micro and so on. Good luck everyone.
Deadline is Jan 31st.


Ok, here are the winners! Some really beautiful work in this thread, and many of these deserve to be seen much higher res than what's posted here, so be sure to browse through the thread to find them! Thanks to everyone for participating.

Winners will be contacted shortly via the email provided when signing up for the forum. :)


wickedsunny 01-09-2007 05:51 AM

Well This is the third month, I do not find many trying 3d compared to 2d work..

I am gonna participate this time with a render from zbrush- a 5D painting

{3d + 2d}:)

Last month I was bit busy and started work for the contest in the last week, hope to start work on it sooner this time .....

Best Of luck everyone:D

warlord 01-14-2007 18:06 PM

"my entry
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Hi all.....
my first post on these forums..........
this is something I whipped up in maya and zbrush. Eenvironment was modelled in maya, creature made in zbrush, combined lit and rendered in maya, then overpainted in zbrush again. wasnt too sure if this should be in the 2d catagory ????? as its not "entirely" 3d.
happy to move it to the 2d section if thats the case......anyway here goes.
its kina what you wouldnt want to find at the end of a tunnel.
could be titled..........

semios 01-15-2007 15:30 PM

Dwarves' cave
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hi! there :)

each month i think i'm gonna give up 'cause when i read the theme, i never have any idea of what to do...
and yet...
The Lord of The Ring is never far away...

This picture was made in 3ds max 8 and postproduced in photoshop CS2.

here is the link for the high res. :

DColonna 01-16-2007 20:08 PM


I am glad that you did not give up, your January entry is beautiful!!!

Now I need to get caught up in life so that I can start one for this month.


semios 01-20-2007 13:36 PM

Thanks for your comment Dan ;)
It help to go on
I hope we will see art of you soon :)

donrex 01-20-2007 15:32 PM

wish everyone da best in da competition:D and i hope to finish mine soon and upload it since is ma first ever competition and i hope to win something.

mrjonny2 01-21-2007 05:20 AM

My entry
Hey everyone this is my entry titled "the digital light at the end of the tunnel"
Hope you like it

mrjonny2 01-21-2007 05:21 AM

good luck evry1

Diabolos 01-22-2007 02:22 AM

Here is my entry, a subway tunnel. I am working on a second, but lets see.


Note: Nice Dwarven Tunnel by the way!

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