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The Gnomon Workshop 02-01-2018 16:25 PM

February 2018: Alien Skull
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As part of a clandestine recovery team, you've been sent on a classified mission to excavate an alien gravesite on a recently discovered planet. During the excavation, you uncovered cadavers of many species of unidentified aliens. This month's challenge is to create an alien skull from one of your findings. Will it be made from bone, cartilage, alloy, a flesh like substance or some form of unknown composite material? The choice is yours!

SergeMelyu 02-21-2018 23:25 PM

Alien skull
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Hi All !
This is my entry of the month:

Agrantart 02-23-2018 09:32 AM

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This one was really interesting for me, Usually I do hard surface but lately, I have been sculpting some organics for fun. This came out much better than I had hoped! This alien race is a hunter/ warrior race. Research has shown that they ritualistically replace their bone fangs with metal when they become adults. This has been found to better take down their prey and enemies with a bone-crushing bite and can pierce practically any hide.

brenoooxd 02-23-2018 14:04 PM

Alien Skull
1 Attachment(s)! This is my 3D Alien Skull. Hope you like it =)

Agrantart 02-23-2018 14:58 PM

Sweet! Edit your post so it shows the image!

Originally Posted by brenoooxd (Post 43055)
Hello! This is my 3D Alien Skull. Hope you like it =)

This is sweet!
Make sure you go back and edit your post. Right click the image link -> copy link address. Then hit the yellow square with the mountains and paste the link address there to post the image in the thread so it shows up without having to click on it!

As a newcomer, I donít want your awesome work not be considered because it wasnít posted properly!

Senso 02-25-2018 06:32 AM

Alien Skull
Good luck everyone!

Nagash 02-25-2018 15:24 PM

3D Alien Skull
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Hello ,wow this time are really nice pictures here .
My Skull material should be a kind of leather muscle, so flexible.
Good luck to all .

TheKen 02-26-2018 01:04 AM

Alien Skull Discovered
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I thought I'd try two different things with my submission this month, first was telling a bit of a story in the image. The second thing was subverting expectations by making the skull really small. Not every alien species has to be a huge monster!
I enjoyed the time I spent working on this though, I modeled everything in ZBrush and then rendered it out in Keyshot. Enjoy!

crashtestpro 02-27-2018 23:01 PM

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I created everything from scratch in Blender 2.79, textured in substance painter, then finished in lightroom and photoshop.

crashtestpro 02-27-2018 23:07 PM

I created everything from scratch in Blender 2.79, textured in Substance Painter, then finished up in lightroom and photoshop.

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