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Jalford 04-19-2007 12:24 PM

New video clip
Hi, I'm looking to do something but don't know if its possible with a script or something. I'm still on the lighting phase of one of my scene blocks...Its in a night club, sort of like in a real one, but more cartoonish of course... still's in an igloo (I call it the Clubigloo) check it out :

I want the background from each individual block light different colors (red, blue,yellow,green etc...) with a bit of a glow...Do I have to do that manually with shaders there a way to make it happen sort of like an random arpegiator light effect...maybe add a point light in the middle and have a texture in it...Any ideas are welcome on this post!


creativebug 02-01-2008 06:52 AM

a small but effective script
Hi Friend,
I would do it this way..
Make some bulb like objects apply diff lambert color shaders to them with glow intesity and create an expression in the visibility channel for those bulb objects something like this

pSphere1.visibility = noise(frame);

You may want to edit the expresion depending upon the effect you want to achieve. U also may want to write similer kinda xprssn to the glow channel.

cheers:) ,

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