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A.Alvarez 09-08-2014 12:24 PM

September, 2014: Isolation
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Hi all.

So this month's theme is to create an image that conveys the feeling of isolation. This could be interpreted in many ways. A lone astronaut on a distant world, a rider on horseback in the middle of a vast terrain, a Fremin warrior traveling alone through the deserts of Dune, and so on. But even these descriptions could be developed in ways that do not convey isolation, so keep that in mind.

Good Luck!

edit: Winners Announced!


Cozmodo 09-15-2014 12:48 PM

The Red Wizard Attacks
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The Red Wizard attacks the sky fortress by conjuring meteors from the heavens to rocket toward the fortress. The fortress, hanging above an enormous crater, is held aloft by magical monolithic rune stones and a large mountain of gravity defying crystal. It is protected by and powered by the magical stones that keep it afloat. The honeycomb shields deflect the attack while the power crystal high atop the highest tower of the fortress targets the meteors, and soon the Red Wizard himself, with a laser of high temperature light dimmed only in comparison by the power of a star itself.

~from the Book of Lost Ages

See more at:

Moso 09-20-2014 15:15 PM

Pain and Isolation
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Haunting my dreams is that angel I slew when I lost my humanity...I've been trying to gain it back since but she stares at me and I am so unrested...

This is multiple mediums, a lot of feeling went into it even if it wasn't my best...maybe that means it was? idk

Jumper 09-22-2014 22:50 PM

The Jacksons 48
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The Jacksons 48:
They where the last chance to colonize space,
to save there civilization from an impending doom.

The Destination:
After traveling so far and so long with so much hope,
They have reached there new home.
If not for a simple malfunction..
Paradise is found
and Lost.

A lone survivor without mission or love.............Lost in Isolation.

Gave it a bit of an old school romantic feel with an Al Williamson look.


DarkReaper 09-23-2014 15:31 PM

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Destroyed, nothing left to go back to.

Yarkspiri 09-23-2014 21:40 PM

2D entry - Warrior's Isolation
When the countries best fighter becomes the most feared by those in power.

dkylevfx 09-24-2014 14:38 PM

Crash landed on a desolate planet....


adt 09-27-2014 08:07 AM

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Here is my entry.
I call it The Ermit.

Sang 09-29-2014 22:08 PM

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For this months contest

The Wayward Soldier

A man with a history who wishes not to remember.To find answers to his next chapter of his life,
he travels onward to the badlands of the mesa were his life changed forever.

P.S I might do more on this piece

Jamie Sang

Mizok 09-30-2014 07:31 AM

The Place You Rest

Last night in my dream.

I knelt beside you .

Petals flied around me.

But only you,

can't read my sorrow.

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