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A.Alvarez 09-06-2007 12:56 PM

Contest Themes?
Hi all...

though I would start a thread where people could make suggestions for our monthly contest themes. :)



zeus 09-06-2007 14:08 PM

hey alex
I have so many but I will just name 4

the moment of disaster . can be anything, an earthquake , a volcano, a flood, a twister, a giant laser beam coming from the sky, a tsunami showing and indicating the power of nature over humanity. begining of destruction. I have seen devastated environment illustrations but not many dynamic disaster moment illustrations.

how about myth gods in a specific era ?
from china to europe every culture have their own myth gods .
how would they look if they appeared in the early 19ths ?
it can be another era or specific timezone. just to give an example, it can be;
post nuclear war steam punk venus.
second world war thor.

this may sound odd but , fantasy characters sports.
I would love to illustrate an orc playing basketball in middle earth.
a dark elf in his armor playing hockey on a frozen lake next to an elf village.
or they may have their own sports like tree knocking contest for dwarves? I dont know. they can be in our daily environments too. a streetball ogre?

the four element ninjas in pose.
air, earth, water, fire martial art warriors. using elemental abilities.

Andre-J 09-06-2007 14:15 PM

I'd like to see towers or overgrown scenarios:)

Suirebit 09-07-2007 05:19 AM

whatever the theme it should be something that allows almost everybody to get in....for example a theme like "Little Red" it's too restrictive.

On the other hand a theme like "At the whim of Gods" can allow everything from scenery and matte painting to concept art and characters....

CMobley 09-10-2007 06:12 AM

something to do with spiritual worship. like churches temples etc.. or can jump to characters designs like monks priest holy men etc.....

HEAT 09-11-2007 10:56 AM

contest title
how about

"your hero"

i think everyone should pen their own hero and esp with the flood of Marvel movies we're talking over 1 billion in sales alone on spider man X-Men etc

everyone should have a personnel hero penned

wieser_d 09-17-2007 14:31 PM

hi all :D

I thought of a topic called:

"The most (un)futuristic Weapon/Gadget/Device (etc.)"

could be a mechanic, natural, organic Weapon/Gadget/Device (etc.)
? Just got this idea...
hope it's a productive contribution...

Maybe I'll find some more ideas ^^

Cheers from Austria

space-sprayer 09-17-2007 15:02 PM

I agree with Suirebit. By giving a slightly abstract theme, all different disciplines can compete and throw in their own ideas. The last few contests have been very character based, and I know a lot of us enviro guys have been waiting on a contest like this months :)


chubi 09-30-2007 21:37 PM

how about celebrity carricature.
that would be a fun one to do.

edra 10-05-2007 15:50 PM


'medieval war' , "something with castles,

"arctic survival"

"extravagant hotel "


" city tribe "


AtomicTitan 10-05-2007 16:33 PM

post apocalyptic savages

child hero / antagonist

jnddepew 10-06-2007 20:36 PM

perhaps a space scene or space battle?

Another thing you don't often see that would be challenging would be a lord-of-the-rings-like battle in full pitch.

ahmedadel_artist 10-06-2007 21:54 PM

i would say heritage , and the rest is up to u ;)

ahmedadel_artist 10-06-2007 22:23 PM

can we make it organic this time?? may be beasts or something like that

farsouthfighter 10-11-2007 04:35 AM

I don't think your themes have ever been restrictive.
To think original is half the battle in being an artist.

How about a theme that could mean allot for a person with imagination. But little to a person with none. EG:

.A vessel at sea

.Men Of fire


.Witch hunt

.a General

.tea in a forest

SBurg 10-13-2007 00:02 AM

Just my thoughts...
Looking for suggestions? I got em!

- medieval anthropomorphic feats of strength matches - you could have like a buff guy with a horse head and he is arm wrestling a panther headed guy... they would be like really straining to beat each other...

-futuristic anthropomorphic racing - like a buff tiger headed guy with sweet future armor and he is like driving a giant sky-sled chariot thing with big pipes that shoot fire...

-anthropomorphic crime - you could have like some zebra guys with like convict costumes (lots of denim) and they would be like behaving unlawfully or something...

but I don't know these might be too specific...


head_smell_ 10-28-2007 23:19 PM

How about:



"sailing ship"

Zwaeback 11-04-2007 11:50 AM

The In-laws
The Hunt
The Day After
Shopping Frenzy

Zwaeback 11-04-2007 14:51 PM

Good vs Evil
The Basement, Attic, Storage Shed
Above the Clouds
Below the Land, Sea
Lighter than Air
Life on Another Planet / on a Microscopic Surface
Lesser Known Fairytale Characters, Heroes, Villains
Natural or Unnatural Disaster
The Window, Light
What's Below the Floor
Bad Breath / Good Breath

metalpiss 11-04-2007 15:02 PM

  • It's go time!
  • The sky is falling
  • Epic
  • Wood
  • Waste
  • Flesh
  • Vendetta

Joah 11-04-2007 18:56 PM

  • Hidden Message
  • All Aboard!
  • Evening Blues
  • The Old Gods
  • Great Escape

Wicked 11-05-2007 01:55 AM

Something for 3D art people, wich isn't much time depended...:p

zeus 11-05-2007 02:04 AM

some more
the fall.

the angel.

the empire.

microworld adventures

fury of animals

the murderer

undead city street


the bridge

Zwaeback 11-05-2007 13:21 PM

Trying to Think of Something More 3D Friendly
I'm not a 3d artist, although I have a little experience in the medium.

Robot Crusader, Hero, Villain, Santa, Emotions, of the Future, Blue Collar Worker,
Friend, Animal, Butler...:)

digital kid 11-05-2007 15:19 PM

my theme idea
suggested themes

I primarily suggest the theme > " infinite " for it being so wide spread it can range from a child to a baby monkey, a little tree and so on. It is the childhood of anything. so ye thats a team i think. Another might also be " creatures " and maybe also " under water life "

Brownie3703 11-05-2007 17:46 PM

I think one month should be all Avant Garde. Personally I dont like political art because it has a tendency to die quickly but I think it would be interesting to see what people are thinking about these days.

crazylegs76 11-06-2007 20:54 PM

Thinking Up Crazy Themes
How bout mythology creatures which is my favorite and have different versions of like Medusa, Cerberus, The Kraken, Pegasus, Minotaur,Cyclops and have funny ones,scary ones,maybe put them in a different time zone or something

Or maybe Interprutations of the after life like Heaven and Hell,or Purgatory or just some made up void or place of consience

Maybe something titled like The Soldier or The Gaurdian, man I'm sure alot of people would roll with those and come up with some really cool stuff

The Final War
The Last Battle
The Carnival
Middle Earth
The Wasteland

Anyway hope this helps:D

hephaestusaugustus 11-06-2007 22:07 PM

My Suggestion

How about Alex and the rest of the judges chooses among the themes that you all mentioned at least 3 or 5 and to be fair we all cast a vote. The highest number of votes will be the theme for this month.

head_smell_ 11-07-2007 08:47 AM

.Cast away
.Leaky pipe
.Car Trouble
.Prison Break
.Secret Fountain
.Buried Treasure
.Tree House
.Out of Reach
.The Gift
.Left behind
.Dance Machine
.Movie Madness
.Big foot
.Technology slip
.Computer Crash!!!!

JasonRoll 12-03-2007 21:30 PM

You've been naughty!

Gone but still here


EMc 12-04-2007 05:44 AM

The Pit(s)

Jink 12-04-2007 09:20 AM

Alien Diplomat & His Entourage

Alien Armada

Future Armada

Terraforming an Alien Planet

tibolide 12-04-2007 15:00 PM

contest theme
Hi everybody,

There are some nice ideas for the newt contest. But there is no challenge.:rolleyes: if you propose to do what you know to do.
There 's nothing even better than exploring our capacities to achieve something we did not do before.
(Am I clear? my english is not very good :) )

"How about Alex and the rest of the judges chooses among the themes that you all mentioned at least 3 or 5 and to be fair we all cast a vote. The highest number of votes will be the theme for this month."

I am agree with you.

zallpaper 12-05-2007 18:17 PM

I have a couple:

fire theif
the future
Decay Asteroid
World of the Killers
Jungle of Metal
Battlefield of Agony
Chaos Tower
Caves of Souls
Canyon of Chaos
Arr... I'm arr pirate
Scurvy Pier
Inferno Bay
Keep of the Abyss
The Wise Emperess Inn
Chain-smoking Mimic
Sarcastic Spider
Storm Sheep

Some Department
Multimedia Administration Division
Application Connectivity Division
On-Line PC Programming Department
Software Administration Department

Some Equipment
Barbaric Speaker's Plate Mail
Lesser Metallic Shoes
Saber of Deflect Death
Crown of the Ogre
Holy Dagger
Thunderous Bola of the Calling of Possession
Mystical Buckler
Tower Shield of Charismatic Gibberers
Tower Shield of Magma
Arrow of the Lesser Calling of Deflect Flesh
Good Arrow
Kingly Bullet

Fighting Moves
Cheerful Phantom Pull
Mystic Toss of the Fox
Clothesline Twist
Deadly Lift

Thats my list I'v made over the last two months. hope you like 'em.

Oracle 12-07-2007 07:56 AM

tis the season






the Mask

the lie


the promise

mirek03 01-10-2008 22:40 PM

cherry blossom
its coming on cherry blossom time in Japan.., April.., but i guess this suggests environment with not much character modeling (or sketching).., but i suppose that might make the imagination stretch??

oracle suggested .., gestation?? man that leaves something for the imagination!! how about 'parasite.'

MackSztaba 01-29-2008 15:17 PM

-Nature VS Technology.

-Man Vs Nature.

-Exotic Skull Design.

-Contest's done totally in traditional mediums.

Squirrel Emperor 01-31-2008 22:03 PM

Come oooooooooooooooon love theme! It's February now and time for a new theme, so I can hope. :)

JanDaniel 02-02-2008 02:06 AM

maybe "LOVE"? in germany we have that "valentine's day"....

so here are some of my suggestions:

- love
- hate
- pain
- judgement
- communication
- sleep / a dream
- muse / music :P

that are abstract themes... some concretes:

- alien modification
- world destruction
- flying creature
- lord of: fire/water/blood/destruction/pain/love....
--> maybe only "lord of..." ;P
- come together
- armageddon party (one of my favorites)

so... maybe i inspired you... :)


ps: and PLEASE no only traditional media... :P
i buyed my graphics tablet and i want to USE it :P

edOovision 02-03-2008 13:42 PM


Originally Posted by Squirrel Emperor (Post 6308)
Come oooooooooooooooon love theme! It's February now and time for a new theme, so I can hope. :)


Here in Brazil , valentine's day is June 12th!:p
But love theme should be very good.... i think about Marriage , and would be very interesting to see people brainstorm....

Is just my opinion:)

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