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duhjin 09-03-2009 18:48 PM

I like to see what people do for 2012 lol

I also think it would be fun to do a mech suit

jakeychanman 09-05-2009 08:41 AM


Originally Posted by davidosaurio (Post 17997)
I agree with Zeus. Juxtaposing 2 different ideas is not only fun and original, but it also locks contestants into working specifically for this contest and not using work they've done for other purposes.

I also agree with this, I don't think people should be using old art anyways.

devan 09-10-2009 05:56 AM

Urban Fantasy

Steampunk time

I have little creatures under my bed

Voodoo breath

Yasiru Dias 10-02-2009 04:26 AM

how about escape..

PierluigiAbbondanza 10-02-2009 06:17 AM


Originally Posted by jakeychanman (Post 18063)
I also agree with this, I don't think people should be using old art anyways.

I agree too. :)

ZUPZUP 10-02-2009 06:59 AM

Space Terror

Lunar Mining


Look OUT!

Moon Base 1

Martian Hospital

Jupiter 1



Amonite 10-02-2009 22:58 PM

I actually disagree that we should discourage, make it hard, or disallow people from using old art or pieces of old art, for this reason: Allowing old art encourages one to be a prolific artist. Also, it is very rare for someone to just post a picture strait - at least, a competitive one that they expect to be in the running - usually they dust it off and go back to it, much liek taking an old rough draft and polishing it up.

I have been into art since I was young but have a very low turnout rate for pictures, due to a combination of having many other hobbies and little space/time right now to do art in. (Should get better soon as the house remodel is almost done, yay new art studio space :) But I think it is great when artists sketch everyday and turn out tons of paintings and digital paintings on a variety of topics.

So, when there is a contest, if an artist does have something in their portfolio along those lines, why not let them use it? If it gives them an advantage, well, whose fault is that for not drawing more? ;) Yes to an extent it is luck of the draw, but really, in real life if someone gets commissioned to do an art piece, are they going to be excluded from dusting off an old piece and finishing it so long as they have not used the piece commercially before?

And that should be what this contest is about - not just competing for dvds - but preparing our portfolios and advancing our art skills, and whether that is brushing up old art or doing entirely new art for the challenge, I think it is up to everyone to get out of these challenges what they can to their own personal advancement and put in the work they need to at their level (I still don't understand how anyone can finish a full size digital picture in 18 or less hours. I think my record is 3, 8 hour days - usually I take far longer! Part of the reason I like the monthly practice/deadlines, to try and speed up my workflow!!!). So if someone whips out a gorgeous painting they had already done and turns it in - yes it might seem wierd that someone else *couph, me* is spending two weeks on a picture (although this month I actually colored a picture I had already drawn to cut out time, and it still took ages) - but I don't think it is unfair - because they already put in the work, and they already have the talent, and in real life deadlines work much the same way in that you can cannibalize stuff you already have - if it works.

Hmm, wow, that was a long ramble ..

tragic_antihero 11-02-2009 20:27 PM

How about FEARS? Sounds like a great theme to me -- draw what you fear.

Mavor 11-02-2009 21:31 PM

Falling Star
Into the Beyond
The forgotten gods
Weapons of peace
A wicked tail

nicholasds 11-03-2009 22:50 PM

I think elementals of any kind would be awesome!

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