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The Gnomon Workshop 03-02-2018 14:32 PM

March 2018: Futuristic Submarine
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It's the year 2150 and submarines are prevalent for daily transportation as humans have evolved to live in the earth's underwater cities. Now these amphibious vehicles can be solely used underwater or also on land. It can be small for use by a single occupant or large to house a family of 4. This can be a daily driver with all the safety features or built rugged, tough and armed for local law enforcement. The choice is yours for this month's challenge to build a futuristic submarine!

Winners announced!

Thomas Weger 03-31-2018 04:40 AM

Submarine 2
Hey Guys!

I didn't post anything lately but here it is: my futuristic submarine from the USS Sea Patrol Pacific Division. Modeled in zbrush and rendered in Keyshot.

I hope you like it.

Seems like my first post didn't work... so heres the 2nd one. If it shows twice in the Forum Im sorry :D

KR Thomas

Nagash 03-31-2018 10:23 AM

Futuristic Submarine
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Hello , here two vision of my submarine. On land it works like a hovercraft

Cesarin 03-31-2018 15:48 PM

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here is my vsion of an armored submarine with muliples guns.

Jscott 03-31-2018 18:43 PM

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Here is my entry.

daho 03-31-2018 20:12 PM

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raw zbrush renders as im having some problems with keyshot

projector23 03-31-2018 20:13 PM

Futuristic Submarine
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DhGuimaraes 03-31-2018 22:06 PM

2150 Hybrid Submarine

First time participating here, there we go!
My submarine is a hybrid land/sea single seater. It can very versatile in many situations, due to it's size and flexibility. It has a very smooth morphing capability, and is most used by people who need to travel fast between those huge undersea metropolis and the land ones.
Had a lot of fun doing this :)

MaxJerome 03-31-2018 22:31 PM

The Future Of Rally Racing
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Here is my version of a Rally sub of the future.

daho 04-01-2018 04:13 AM

good luck everyone some great entrys this month :)

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