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Ritorian 06-14-2009 21:55 PM

Batman Beyond - WiP
Hey everyone new here, i've been working this character for quite some time now off and on, anyway i've gotten to the texture stage and been posting this on quite a few forums to get some feedback on it so that i can make it the best i can, i take my critiques very seriously so please dont be afriad to bash an area if you see something that i dont ;) i love to hear peoples feedback and suggestions. :)

Just to note: I've been gettin alot of feedback on the boots about being to feminine and such, so just so u know, i'm in the process of re-shaping the foot area a bit better so there not soo slanty in the front, as well as pointy. So try and ignore the feet area for now. till i have an updated version, which will prolly be tommorrow.

Also i will be adding the Belt, and his Wing thingys very soon. For the Final pose i'll have him holding a batarang too.

If you like you can see my progress and high res sculpt here

Ritorian 06-14-2009 21:59 PM

Oh I forgot too mention that this is a real-time character, my goal tri count is 10,000. I'm soo used to posting on game art forums i didnt realize too mention this here :P anyway just thought people might like too no this info. cheers :)

Grubber 06-14-2009 22:34 PM

Hi, Ritorian, welcome to the forum!
Batman really looks good! Sorry to say, but i have nothing to critisize. I just wonder how did you sculpt all the details? Also I would like to see the wireframe :)
Lastly, please, just dont stop posting :)

Ritorian 06-14-2009 22:58 PM

lol thanks bud. I used Zbrush for the sculpting, and as for the wires i'll post some tommorrow, and yes i will keep posting ;) thanks again

Grubber 06-14-2009 23:40 PM

Just saw your DWIV entry. Holy crap!!!

inNate 06-14-2009 23:56 PM

This looks like a great execution of the concept. I see what you mean by the shoes. In the series, if i remember correctly, they were pretty pointy due to the style. I would agree with changing the top slant to make less feminine. This is your interpretation after all, and a good one at that, but I like the pointedness. It maintains the futuristic feel with the sharp angles and sleekness. I could almost imagine that it was more pointed to make his kicks more aerodynamic and quicker.

I'm looking forward to more updates! :)

GunValkyria 06-15-2009 00:08 AM

YES. Batman Beyond, what a great show.

Technically it's totally over my head, it looks great, perfect even, there are a few artistic things that bother me, one is the red lines, he looks more like a lava monster than Batman. The face looks like it's been painted with latex, I think it should look more like a mask with harder more chiseled edges.

I fell kind of bad nitpicking like that because this is pretty freaking cool, it's always good to see Batman Beyond get some love.

Ritorian 06-15-2009 08:08 AM

Grubber - thanks, i didnt make the top 75 though. I think it was due to my presentation shots, i kinda rushed them and the judges could prolly tell that. Oh well I tried :) and had fun.

inNate - YES! finally someone who likes the boot pointyness and actually knows why i made them pointy ;) not much people seem to remember how frigin pointy they were in the show. I will be keeping them pointy, but i will def be re-ducing the frontal slant. thanks again bud ;) cheers

GunValkyria - hey man dont feel bad, i'm hoping to hear these things, it only makes me a better artist to hear these things. The red line worked is being chagned to something else, and as for the face, I had alot of hard times with it during the Sculpt process, especailly about how to approach the mouth area. You wouldnt believe how many times I re-worked that frigin head, in the end it finally came down to an ultimate decision to have the suit cut off point at the top of his lips, which is kinda hard too see, because in the show it seems to cover his lips, which wouldnt make much sense, so i had to make a decision about that. Also as for the hard chisled edges I originally had alot, but i got quite a few critiques saying it was too much chiseled stuff so eventually i ended up smoothing things out and this was the outcome. Unfortunately going back to the modeling stage is just not do-able, well it is, but I'd hate to have to fix the UV-s, then re-bake all my maps not too mention re-texture everything. So ya modeling is kinda outta the question, unless there was a huge mistake. thanks again for the comments ;)

ChrRambow 06-15-2009 12:31 PM

I really love your model! I think the lines are cool but a littlebit too much luminance ... maybe very dark red or black seams could
create impression of an armored suit. Fantastic work!

Ritorian 06-18-2009 12:09 PM

Ok so got a lil update here.

I uploaded basically because i wanted to get some feedback on these wings before i go any further, that way if i get some bad reviews i can change it no problem. At first i kinda didnt like them cause they looked a lil old fashioned lookin, but now that i have a little color on them i'm starting to like them more. I have NOT started texturing them, just threw quick color on it, same goes for the belt, so there texture is def gonna be re-worked alot more. Also the pod things on his Shoulder blades r gonna be a bit bigger so that when the wings collaspe into the pods it's a lil more believeable. The wings look a lil funny right now too, but I'm sure once i pose him appropriately it'll look better.

I havent done much in terms of texturing the body, I removed all the lgiht colored black parts mainly because it was starting to look like the George Clooney batman in Batman and Robin, and I def dont want that look, so I'm going back to the drawing board and gonna think of something else to vary the suit more. I darkened the red lines, and only brightened some minor areas that might be lit up. If anyone has any ideas of how to vary up the suit texture, i'd like to hear

Also i took up alot of peoples crits on the boots and re-shaped them, I think they look better, hopefully people agree I also shrunk his overall height a tad as well, prolly not noticeable though :P

and heres the pose i want to do

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