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graphicgolem 02-11-2015 02:05 AM

Shaman Challenge WIP - ideas/sketches
Hi Im working of the Shaman challenge.

Here are a some sketches (made in Procreate) and I am interested to know which you think looks most promising (if any!)

graphicgolem 02-21-2015 14:18 PM

Decided to take this one further. Not sure if its working though yet.

morganbw 02-28-2015 15:15 PM

Hey man, that's cool. Don't know if you're planning on taking it any further, but as it is, love the painterly nature.

graphicgolem 03-01-2015 13:22 PM

Hey thanks
Hey thanks Morgan. Like a lot of folks (myself included) I like to look but don't always have much to say but it's nice to get some interaction going.

morganbw 03-01-2015 17:04 PM

The two things that strike me the most about the last entry are the dangling ribbons around the wrist and the twig-like hair. Very cool comp. Good luck.

graphicgolem 03-02-2015 01:37 AM

Thanks and good luck to you too. It's been quite few years since I've entered any challenges so I'm doing it as a motivator to get some new work created and to try and improve a little.

AlienWarble 03-02-2015 13:29 PM


Just wanted to say I liked your entry the most. The colors all blend so well and it's over all really good! I also agree that it would be cool to get more artist interaction going on. I'm new to the Workshop but it seems that the monthly challenges are the only thing keeping it a float. Would be great to see more happening with it. My 2 cents..

graphicgolem 03-02-2015 13:40 PM

Hey thanks Alien Warble for the thumbs up and making a comment. It really is appreciated especially as you are doing the 3d challenge. I been following the 3d challenge too and I wish I could do what you 3d guys do but it takes years of practice I think - like most art skills actually ;)

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