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Joah 11-04-2007 19:56 PM

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  • Evening Blues
  • The Old Gods
  • Great Escape

Wicked 11-05-2007 02:55 AM

Something for 3D art people, wich isn't much time depended...:p

zeus 11-05-2007 03:04 AM

some more
the fall.

the angel.

the empire.

microworld adventures

fury of animals

the murderer

undead city street


the bridge

Zwaeback 11-05-2007 14:21 PM

Trying to Think of Something More 3D Friendly
I'm not a 3d artist, although I have a little experience in the medium.

Robot Crusader, Hero, Villain, Santa, Emotions, of the Future, Blue Collar Worker,
Friend, Animal, Butler...:)

digital kid 11-05-2007 16:19 PM

my theme idea
suggested themes

I primarily suggest the theme > " infinite " for it being so wide spread it can range from a child to a baby monkey, a little tree and so on. It is the childhood of anything. so ye thats a team i think. Another might also be " creatures " and maybe also " under water life "

Brownie3703 11-05-2007 18:46 PM

I think one month should be all Avant Garde. Personally I dont like political art because it has a tendency to die quickly but I think it would be interesting to see what people are thinking about these days.

crazylegs76 11-06-2007 21:54 PM

Thinking Up Crazy Themes
How bout mythology creatures which is my favorite and have different versions of like Medusa, Cerberus, The Kraken, Pegasus, Minotaur,Cyclops and have funny ones,scary ones,maybe put them in a different time zone or something

Or maybe Interprutations of the after life like Heaven and Hell,or Purgatory or just some made up void or place of consience

Maybe something titled like The Soldier or The Gaurdian, man I'm sure alot of people would roll with those and come up with some really cool stuff

The Final War
The Last Battle
The Carnival
Middle Earth
The Wasteland

Anyway hope this helps:D

hephaestusaugustus 11-06-2007 23:07 PM

My Suggestion

How about Alex and the rest of the judges chooses among the themes that you all mentioned at least 3 or 5 and to be fair we all cast a vote. The highest number of votes will be the theme for this month.

head_smell_ 11-07-2007 09:47 AM

.Cast away
.Leaky pipe
.Car Trouble
.Prison Break
.Secret Fountain
.Buried Treasure
.Tree House
.Out of Reach
.The Gift
.Left behind
.Dance Machine
.Movie Madness
.Big foot
.Technology slip
.Computer Crash!!!!

JasonRoll 12-03-2007 22:30 PM

You've been naughty!

Gone but still here


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