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AtomicTitan 10-05-2007 17:33 PM

post apocalyptic savages

child hero / antagonist

jnddepew 10-06-2007 21:36 PM

perhaps a space scene or space battle?

Another thing you don't often see that would be challenging would be a lord-of-the-rings-like battle in full pitch.

ahmedadel_artist 10-06-2007 22:54 PM

i would say heritage , and the rest is up to u ;)

ahmedadel_artist 10-06-2007 23:23 PM

can we make it organic this time?? may be beasts or something like that

farsouthfighter 10-11-2007 05:35 AM

I don't think your themes have ever been restrictive.
To think original is half the battle in being an artist.

How about a theme that could mean allot for a person with imagination. But little to a person with none. EG:

.A vessel at sea

.Men Of fire


.Witch hunt

.a General

.tea in a forest

SBurg 10-13-2007 01:02 AM

Just my thoughts...
Looking for suggestions? I got em!

- medieval anthropomorphic feats of strength matches - you could have like a buff guy with a horse head and he is arm wrestling a panther headed guy... they would be like really straining to beat each other...

-futuristic anthropomorphic racing - like a buff tiger headed guy with sweet future armor and he is like driving a giant sky-sled chariot thing with big pipes that shoot fire...

-anthropomorphic crime - you could have like some zebra guys with like convict costumes (lots of denim) and they would be like behaving unlawfully or something...

but I don't know these might be too specific...


head_smell_ 10-29-2007 00:19 AM

How about:



"sailing ship"

Zwaeback 11-04-2007 12:50 PM

The In-laws
The Hunt
The Day After
Shopping Frenzy

Zwaeback 11-04-2007 15:51 PM

Good vs Evil
The Basement, Attic, Storage Shed
Above the Clouds
Below the Land, Sea
Lighter than Air
Life on Another Planet / on a Microscopic Surface
Lesser Known Fairytale Characters, Heroes, Villains
Natural or Unnatural Disaster
The Window, Light
What's Below the Floor
Bad Breath / Good Breath

metalpiss 11-04-2007 16:02 PM

  • It's go time!
  • The sky is falling
  • Epic
  • Wood
  • Waste
  • Flesh
  • Vendetta

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