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The Gnomon Workshop 10-05-2017 11:43 AM

October, 2017: Halloween zombie
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It's that time of the month where the living dead comes out to coexist with us humans. Whether itís friendly or deadly (pun intended), this month's challenge is to create your own version of a Halloween Zombie.

[CENTER] Winners announced!!!

neutrohn 10-21-2017 19:55 PM

halloween zombi baby
hello, i made a baby zombi thing i guess.. i rendered it in realtime in marmoset. i just used the funktions there to create look. no extra photoshopping just realtime.





Stadius 10-24-2017 17:56 PM

First completed project ever!
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I've been playing around with zbrush for a while now. Trying and usually failing to model humans or creatures. Although I think my proportions may be off some I'm pretty proud of this one. Alot of firsts here for me with this model.
First "completed" project. Are they ever really completed?
First model with multiple subtools.
First polypainted model.
I learned alot on this project. Could not figure out how to custom light it in Zbrush. Still don't really understand materials and poly painting. So much to learn. I'll post a link to a turntable if I can figure out how to get a .mov file on youtube.

ahsu123 10-27-2017 15:03 PM

Trick Or Treat Zombie
Happy Halloween! This is my halloween zombie going trick or treating with just a bag.

Reuling 10-28-2017 06:33 AM

Sad party zombie
This zombie just wanted to have some fun but nobody wants to party with him.

dwalker 10-29-2017 21:37 PM

Happy Halloween everyone, here is my zombie. Sculpted and rendered in ZBrush.

NachoMissile 10-30-2017 22:30 PM

Thank god for that fence!
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This my version of an Egyptian zombie, perhaps a king, crawling out of his tomb to cast his spell on you. I used Redshift's triplanar mapping for most of the textures which meant that I didn't have to UV unwrap him. Worked great!

Programs used: Mudbox, Cinema4D, Redshift, Photoshop, After Effects
Fence model downloaded from:
Skeleton downloaded from:

Edit: Thanks so much for 3rd place. I was interested to see what my creation looked like from different light directions so I rendered a little video rotating the sky.

Bradlay 10-31-2017 06:46 AM

Pumpkin Zombie
Happy Halloween guys, this is my entry for this months challenge! Good Luck everyone!

Calogero 10-31-2017 14:08 PM

Halloween Zombie
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Happy Halloween! :)

This is my halloween zombie created in ZBrush.

wastercoff 10-31-2017 17:16 PM

Those freaking mouses
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Here's my zombie, first time I participate so hope you enjoy it! I sketched it in Zbrush and rendered it in Blender.

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