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The Gnomon Workshop 09-05-2017 14:40 PM

September, 2017: Time Machine
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Would you like to be in the year 3017 where space travel has been perfected and your off to mars for a vacation? How about travelling back in time to the year dinosaurs ruled the earth? In order to so, you'll need a time machine. Is it a vehicle in which you can take others with you or will it be a handheld item that's discreet and nondescript? This week's challenge is to design your version of a time machine!

Nagash 09-22-2017 13:43 PM

My Time Machine
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Hello , this is my contribution to the time machine. The function: The person becomes shock-frozen, so that all atoms are fixed during digitization. After that the atom in the particle accelerator is brought to light speed, so the time travel is possible.

Constructive criticism is gladly seen.

AtiusTiran 10-01-2017 04:36 AM

Time Amulet
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My time machine is an ancient amulet.
The amulet is the key to the temple, which is built in a dimension between time.
Each pearl contains a different moment in time that can be entered through the portals. The pearls originate from the portals and flow in the always changing future.

Squirrel909 10-03-2017 11:26 AM

Time Machine
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Here's my steampunk time travel machine. It uses heat from Earth's molten core to create the energy needed for time travel.
The ice cave was modelled in zbrush and all rendered in cinema 4d with some work done in Photoshop.

theohinrichs 10-04-2017 00:13 AM

Time Machine
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The Time Traveler finds himself in the distant future of an unrecognizable Earth.

MithrilArrow 10-04-2017 16:08 PM

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andrevs84 10-04-2017 16:12 PM

JW90 10-04-2017 16:47 PM

The Time Machine
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I did not have enough time to put a human scale in it but here is a diagram that shows this.
Thank you :)

NachoMissile 10-04-2017 17:44 PM

Critical Mass Exceeded
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This is my time-machine in the middle of a critical failure during a timejump. This work was inspired by Back to the Future 3.
Rendering this image took ages on my slow CPU so the Core Overload message is applicable in more ways than one.

Programs used: Cinema4D, Photoshop

ritchie.o 10-04-2017 17:50 PM

Tipler Machine
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Hi all.
This is my version of a Tipler Machine also known as a time machine using closed time-like loops. Created in the basement of a secret lab.

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