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Amonite 01-11-2016 17:39 PM

Phoenix Nebula
For the Space Anomaly Challenge

Program: Adobe Sketchbook Pro

Working on the b/w underpainting. Tool used most so far: airbrush on low opacity

Inspiration photos:

I love the way nebulae look like they have 'shapes' in them, like clouds. The picture of the Eagle Nebula looks like a dancer or warrior to me. I'll be attempting to create the 'phoenix nebula' - a sentient nebula like being which gives birth to the Phoenix Asteroids (since I always wondered where the Phoenix Asteroids in Dark Star came from ;)). After their long journey they return home to tell their mother all they have seen.

Amonite 01-12-2016 20:07 PM

update underpainting
Building up value and texture in the under-painting. I used a couple texture brushes from the preset menu and played with opacity and size.

Amonite 01-16-2016 11:01 AM

Still working on underpainting as I get time.

The angle her neck should be at is driving me nuts, since it should be tilted back due to the angle of her back, but I also want her to be able to 'look' at the asteroids. I think I made her head a little too large this time too..

Amonite 01-22-2016 19:48 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Trying to finish this up quickly as my baby is due any day now :)

I still can't get the angle of her head right, but it's coming along. Sticking mainly to the paintbrush tool for now.

Amonite 01-23-2016 18:20 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Almost finished with underpainting.

Amonite 01-23-2016 18:54 PM

Almost finished. Hopefully I will get time to fine tune it. I scrapped my idea of having asteroids 'growing' inside her as it just wasn't looking good.

The color layer is atop the underpainting on 'multiply' mode. Adobe Sketchbook Pro unfortunately does not have too many options for blending. A soft light mode would be nice.

Nearly finished:

Color layer:

Amonite 01-25-2016 15:09 PM

Completed, at least for now.

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