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kajuzas 12-06-2009 16:26 PM

Rustic cabin WIP

kajuzas 12-07-2009 09:51 AM

I hope my posts does not count as a flood. Should i put pictures more rarely?

FireFly 12-07-2009 10:28 AM

share as much as you can, I'd say :)
Which direction are you heading for with your cabin? It looks a little like a collage of various styles... But quite inspiring :)

Adale Rene 12-07-2009 14:12 PM

looks cool what is the top room for? or is it just neat architecture?

kajuzas 12-07-2009 22:53 PM

When i was making that room with round window i thought about something to stand and watch at the beautiful nature. Somehow i think through window like this it would look awesome

Grubber 12-08-2009 00:06 AM

Nice start mate! Keep it up :)

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