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A.Alvarez 08-22-2006 20:34 PM

Contest Info... Read Me!
Welcome to the Gnomon Workshop community gallery contest...

We have launched a small forum to allow our community the opportunity to share their work. These are not critique or discussion posts, but purely the sharing of artwork produced via traditional or digital means.

Every month we will select four winners from the 2D and 3D categories (eight winners total), who will receive up to one full year of access to the Gnomon Workshop subscription library (worth $499!).


Simply post examples of what you consider to be your most accomplished work in the forum thread. At the end of each month we will choose our favorite images which will then be announced in the forum. The first place winner will One Year of access to The Gnomon Workshop library, second place Six Months, third place Three months and fourth place One month. Winners will be contacted via the email address used at forum sign-up, the first week of every month.

Anticipated FAQ:

Q. What criteria are used to pick the winner? Well, this should not be seen as some sort of brutal competition. We love to see new artists emerge, and this seemed as a good way to give artists exposure, while rewarded them for their talents. The winners will be based on our judge's personal criteria.

Q. What if I already have a subscription? We will add time to your account. So, for example, if you have three months left of a one year subscription and you won 2nd place, we would add six months so that you would have nine months left.

Osakamitsu 08-24-2006 09:26 AM

contest question?
This is a geat idea! Thank you so much for all you've done for the fx community. Are we aloud to post more than one image? Also are there size requirments?

Joes 08-24-2006 11:32 AM

I have bought all the dvds of gnomon of 3ds max, but I am not expert.. newly beginning in the world of the 3d and 2d painting.

are single experts able to post their images and works?

forgive my English poor person.

Datameister 08-24-2006 13:26 PM

This sounds like a lot of fun. I'm hoping to enter in the 2D caption--if I have enough time to properly finish an entry.

I have the same questions as Osakamitsu, along with the following:

1. If we submit an entry and later revise that piece of art, may we submit the revised entry before the contest ends?

2. I have no intention of using 3D in my entry, but for anyone who's considering it--is it forbidden to use original 3D graphics in your 2D entry?

3. If there are enough entries by the time September 30 rolls around, is there a possibility of there being Honorable Mentions? You know, three or four people get one DVD each, or something like that. Obviously, this won't be practical if only a few people enter.

Thanks for getting this started! I hope these contests really become a showcase for art much more impressive than mine. :D

EDIT: Ah, yes, two more things. Regarding the "can of worms" you mentioned, Mr. Alvarez--perhaps one or more future contests could be judged according to who seems like he/she would find the DVDs most useful. Not necessarily the worst entries, but those that seem like they have the most unfulfilled potential.

Item two: are we allowed to submit works that we've already completed, or are we required to create new pieces explicitly for this contest?


A.Alvarez 08-24-2006 21:08 PM


I would prefer that artists only submit one or two images... as far as editing your posts to update your work, that is of course no problem.

For this contest it is perfectly fine to use work you already have... there are no expectations of people to produce new images exclusively for the contest.

Will there be honorable mentions? For now we'll stick to the rules set forth... four winners. :)

As far as if you can use 3D elements in a 2D image, that is also ok.


Datameister 08-24-2006 21:41 PM

Thanks! This should be fun.

whalerider 08-25-2006 01:37 AM

And how will that be determined objectively? Just about everyone who doesn't win might claim they "would find the DVDs most useful". It really can lead to controversy and upset people. Sticking to the rules is the most wise thing to do, imho.


Originally Posted by Datameister
Regarding the "can of worms" you mentioned, Mr. Alvarez--perhaps one or more future contests could be judged according to who seems like he/she would find the DVDs most useful. Not necessarily the worst entries, but those that seem like they have the most unfulfilled potential.

Datameister 08-25-2006 08:15 AM

It can't be determined objectively. But you can't judge art in the conventional way objectively, either. It is by nature a subjective decision, although certain pieces will typically demonstrate much stronger understanding of form, lighting, composition, etc.

What I'm suggesting would indeed be difficult to judge. Perhaps it's a bad idea. But it's something to consider, because some people might become far more frustrated to realize that 40 instructional DVDs will be going to the artist who theoretically needs them the least. :)

Andreseloy 08-25-2006 12:54 PM

Thanks for this new forum...
with the hight quality of The Gnomon Workshop

mordecaidesign 08-29-2006 13:07 PM


Originally Posted by A.Alvarez
Isn't it unfair that the people who need the DVDs the most are at the biggest disadvantage in this contest? Interesting point, hmm. Well, let's not open that can of worms for now. Perhaps we will have a new contest format in the future that could address this good point.

Yes. It is unfair. I've never heard of an artist or business person who had the balls to address this issue until I read this post. Thank you Alex. This is great.

I had to wait a long time to start buying dvd's. I've only been able to afford two so far (got another for my birthday) and everytime I've hit that purchase button I feel sorry for a younger version of myself. Some kid is out there who wants to buy the dvd's to get better, but can't afford the dvd's cuz he's workin a crappy retail job.

I personally don't think that seeing potential in a person is arbitrary. IMO it's all about the concepts. If the person has amazing concepts but lacks the means of expression then they deserve the dvd's.

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