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A.Alvarez 08-06-2007 14:48 PM

August, 2007: The Queen
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Ok, here we go...

The theme for August: 'The Queen'

Good luck! :)

edit: winners announced!

Hi ho... well the entries were once again amazing! But hats off to notafinga for an exquisitely beautiful piece. We really truly love it. But of course, all of the other winners get a big nod... and while ravioli_rancher's piece may not be an exercise in rendering prowess, c'mon. That is just a frickin winner. Tell me you do not feel the joy! Congratz everyone, and thanks to all for participating!

winners, please PM me for details on how to collect your prizes. :)

vallde 08-06-2007 19:07 PM

Hi, I'm new here :), how can I participate in this contest?


PS: sry if you dont undestrand my bad english :o

NinjaTronix 08-06-2007 19:12 PM

Hi i was wondering if you could enter more then once?

sulas 08-06-2007 19:57 PM


Originally Posted by vallde (Post 4576)
Hi, I'm new here :), how can I participate in this contest?


PS: sry if you dont undestrand my bad english :o

Just post your art here, on this topic :)

DivideandRender 08-07-2007 00:04 AM

I am new here. I will try to enter. The topic seems wide open but I will try to stick to it.:D

vallde 08-07-2007 06:39 AM

Thx :)
I have another question: who decide what are the winner images?

Thx again, I'll try to post an image :P

Pharion 08-07-2007 17:01 PM

Ok here's my work so far.

I've been using Blender for about a week, I've mostly used Maya in the past.

As free programs go, I'm finding Blender fantastic to use, you just need to be a bit patient with the UI and it will eventually make sense :D

Here she is, Queen Elizabeth II

Ok here's the work so far, having a bit of a problem with the hair but I'll get there eventually (I hope :D)

I'm getting closer with the hair, and I know now that I'll never be a good hair dresser.

There seems to be a small problem just behind the ear with the skin texture, I'm also going to redo the eyes as they seem like they've come from a dead fish :D

DivideandRender 08-08-2007 15:45 PM

Thats looking good Pharion. Good luck with all those wrinkles.:)

mamunguss 08-09-2007 12:09 PM


The term "Queen" like concept or literally, or both ???

Sorry for my english, i'm speak spanish (so if anyone speak spanish too, I would like that I help me, if not no problem, continued in the english)


Pharion 08-10-2007 11:12 AM

Hi Mamunguss, you can use any queen, ie: Queen Bee, prom queen, the pop group Queen...

Have a gander at the other contests and you'll soon get the idea.

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