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The Gnomon Workshop 01-02-2018 18:13 PM

January 2018: Modern Medieval Drawbridge.
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Whether used as a way to prevent unwanted intruders or to allow vessels to pass underneath, this month's challenge is to create your version of a modern medieval drawbridge that's fit for royalty. Will it have futuristic defenses with middle aged technology or vice versa? It's completely up to you!

Mateo Peralta 01-31-2018 19:48 PM

Medieval Drawbridge
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Second post in a row! :D I had problems to reduce the pic so I can upload it..

saintarnab 01-31-2018 20:32 PM

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This is my first ever post here. The material for the bridge is a mixture of wood and steel to keep both
old and modern style. But since its set in a forest, I wanted a good level of wear on the bridge. The inspiration for the environment came from my own personal work which involves similar work in the woods. I wanted to model a surveillance robot to take the scene to the next level but I confused the deadline and ended up having no time to do that. In the background you could see some ruins scattered around. This is my first time using this workflow. So it was a great learning experience. I hope you enjoy these images. I've a cinematic video of this as well if anyone is interested to see that.

ahsu123 01-31-2018 23:17 PM

Medieval Bridge
Hello this is my Medieval Bridge. It cannot close and has a big rock as defense. 10 guards guard this bridge 24/7 and when they see any sign of danger they push down the ball to block the entrance. It takes 100 people with brute force to place the ball of stone back onto the bridge.

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