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The Gnomon Workshop 12-06-2017 18:19 PM

December 2017: Insect Spy Drone
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Disguised as a never before seen insect, your spy drone has to be able to fly into harmís way undetected to gather intel. Now this insect can be small and stealth or large and inconspicuous. Will it be armed and have defense mechanisms? Is it an organic or robot insect? This monthís theme is to design your version of an insect spy drone. If you need help modeling it, check out Eric Kellerís new tutorial: Hyper-realistic Insect Design!

neutrohn 12-18-2017 09:48 AM

hello, i just write this so this topic is on top.

designerontherun 12-22-2017 02:49 AM

December 2017 Insect spy drone entry
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This is my cyborg wasp drone entry for the December 2017 challenge.

neutrohn 12-23-2017 18:28 PM

contest dez 2017
deleted doublle post

neutrohn 12-29-2017 09:02 AM

blimb injection drone
hello, i posted my picture 2 times more then a week ago and ima concerned that my work, dont show up here. its just a few days so i have to do it a third time, becasue i dont know whats going on.

i was actually explaining whats my drone all about but i make it short this time.

1. name: blimb injection drone
2. purpose: remote controlled drone to inject substances in animals from save distance.
3. controls: its basicly a blimb technology so it just float in the air by gas filled ballon around the device. it has 8 little rotateable wings to go up, down, left, right and also can turn 360 degree in all directions, even upside down with no noise.
4. injection: the device has a little capsule filled with specific substances attached to a needle. when in close range to the animal, the capsule can be shoot remotly and inject the stuff inside the animal.

thanx for reading, may the brush be with you.

BeataWa 12-30-2017 06:35 AM

December 2017 Insect Spy Drone
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Here is my robotic mosquito. It is able to take a DNA sample.

MilosManojlovic 12-30-2017 15:24 PM

Insect drone
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Hi guys.
This is my version of drone.

aje11 12-30-2017 16:44 PM

Insect Spy Drone [dragonflyB0t.00]
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hi! :) here is my insect spy drone called dragonflyBot, inspired by dragonfly colorful & shapes features.
I also named every important parts of my drone with their respective functions. Just read the text below as reference.
[ jpeg file name j_01.0* ] Function
j1_01.00 [ camera ] (eyes) -supports x-ray vision, video recorder
j1_01.01 [injector] (joint legs) -can beloaded with poison etc. [ex. paralize]
j1_01.02 [Xspray] -Can be loaded with smoke/gass
j1_01.03_stealth Mode

Attachment 10380

neutrohn 12-31-2017 01:44 AM

cant post my pictures
hello iam trying to post my pictures since 10 days. 3 times, nothing happens. please take a look.

inka.stoyanova 12-31-2017 09:41 AM

December 2017 insect spy drone entry
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Hello, this is my entry for the insect spy drone contest.

It has cameras for eyes, a solar panel on its back and cables to download information with.

Attachment 10382

Attachment 10383

Attachment 10384

Attachment 10385

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