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rocneasta 04-05-2011 20:05 PM

abandoned alley
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I'm trying to make a scene of an abandoned ally - sort of like a place where you don't want to enter, but i'm ending up with a lot of "sky" space. Still want to achieve the effect of two buildings, accent one of them more, but avoid so much "sky" space. I will detail the buildings, this is just previz of the perspective, still it's not something i see as ok.

Any advice

HaYaTo 04-06-2011 00:51 AM

Ref Images
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I utterly dont have any advice according to 3D renders... but here's my references for you if you're trying to get an actual positions for scenes or maybe a few props. Whatever you like, man. :)

Some of it are my friend's: TokyoGenso. I "borrow" it for you. Enjoy. :D

HaYaTo 04-06-2011 00:57 AM

Another upload
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Here's another upload of mine & The Borrowed Tokyo Genso's artwork.

Well, if you need more, I'll upload it for you, currently I'm doing the Family Photo along with my other jobs... well, it's kinda make my body fallen to bed (sick).

But thanks to Him. I'm able to work things out! :D


Below is TokyoGenso's artwork.

rocneasta 04-06-2011 01:31 AM

first one reminds me of koowlon walled city. has all the makings of it at least. Definitely worth the road to take.

He helps those that help them selves, so try to rest once in a while friend. I know it will be all good.

cheers for the artwork

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