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The Gnomon Workshop 08-01-2017 12:14 PM

August, 2017: Hidden Passageway
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This month's theme is to create the entrance to a hidden passageway. It can be located underground, through a mountainside, or cleverly hidden on a nondescript wall, it's completely up to you. Whichever you choose it has to be undetectable. Remember, this is a hidden passageway after all.

AtiusTiran 08-30-2017 14:04 PM

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The best place to hide a tree... inside a forest!
That was the thought behind my project. Where can I hide my passageway? I chose a very obvious place.

This bookshelf looks suspicious to you? Well, it is!

If you investigate it, you may find the hidden door. But that is only a cupboard that serves as a distraction. The hidden passageway is in the floor.

kambur 08-31-2017 06:08 AM

Hidden Passageway
Here is an invisible passage through the jungle. You can't see it but if you follow the pillars you might end up somewhere...

pandoravanitas 08-31-2017 07:17 AM

Hidden Passage
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I've always wanted to find a hidden passage in a dojo, so I made one. Where or where could it be? So many options. Is it behind the scroll? In a floor panel? Behind one of the wooden panels? Under the center piece" Behind the picture frame? Like most things in Japan, the secret lies in sliding something. You can see them in HD on my artstation link.

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Attachment 10266

Just remove the pillar on the right, slide the panel over to the left and presto. A hidden passage.

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Attachment 10268

ritchie.o 08-31-2017 09:04 AM

Entertainment center
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My favorite entertainment center. I originally had a more traditional entertainment center but I couldn't make it open without moving the furniture around.

vandam 08-31-2017 15:53 PM

Hidden passageway
Hey there,

This is my entry. I did want to create something modern thus it's a hidden passageway from one room to another. Simple as that :)

surelysame 08-31-2017 19:35 PM

Secret Garden Door

A secret door in the garden.
Made in Maya 2017, rendered with Arnold.

Thank you in advance for any critiques you may provide!

AverageWhiteKid 08-31-2017 21:25 PM

Back Alley Castle Shortcut
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Seems like a normal corner, but sit on the bench with enough weight and you could be taking a back alley shortcut to somewhere royal looking!

Just learning some Substance Designer, thought I'd make some grungy stone, and ended up having this idea with it. Would appreciate any feedback with it!

microah 08-31-2017 23:38 PM

Under Secret Passageway
My secret passageway is under water.

enigmcat 09-01-2017 00:56 AM

Abandoned Alley way
Its not used much anymore.... Or is it?

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