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The Gnomon Workshop 04-02-2018 17:16 PM

April 2018: The Devilís Throne
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This monthís challenge is to illustrate The Devilís Throne. Normally known as a seat thatís occupied by a royal power, you can interpret this in anyway you like. It can be a seat made of materials that can withstand the incinerating heat of fire, or something like a vast mountainous cavern made from lava rocks. Whichever path you choose, make sure itís something well suited for the devil itself!

Gnaltrok 04-28-2018 19:12 PM

The Devil's Throne

marcinkulesza 04-29-2018 12:58 PM

Devil's throne
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EVillavisencio 04-29-2018 21:30 PM

Volarberg 04-30-2018 15:19 PM

HI. If you hit download you can see the image full resolution which is 4k.

dss_art 04-30-2018 21:42 PM

The Devil's Throne by Damien Saelak

darkisato 05-01-2018 02:57 AM

the devil throne
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you know when you have the project due and you have it half done and u go in and try to add a few more parts before handing it in? yeah well, this is mine.

we look at the story of the devil and there is no real define term to say its a guy. it's always the tempting whispers we hear to do that bad thing. never force. the seduction of the devil's power to do whatever she wants. with promises that can't be fulfilled. But you don't know this. the devil will pull you along deeper into the pits of despair tell you can't get out.

The skill on each side is Adam and Eve and the head in the back is what she wants you to see as the reason your life sux.

The ego is so skillful in manipulation it made the devil to blame all its problems on to tie it all away from its self. thus the energy we will use is the power of the temptress. has no physical power of there own. and can not do anything to force you, so she will guilt you or shame you to do the bidding.

yeah, I put way more thought into this then the artwork its self so hope whoever reads this doesn't get to freaked out.

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