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A.Alvarez 05-05-2015 18:27 PM

May, 2015: Aztec God
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Hi all...

Well, it is Cinco de Mayo and this has Los Angeles full of celebration for this Mexican holiday! :) With that in mind, this month's theme is to illustrate an Aztec god. There are many, so which one is up to you... you are also welcome to interpret the theme in any fashion. i.e. It could be a hybrid of Aztec and fantasy, Aztec and sci-fi, etc.

Good Luck!

edit: Winners Announced!


judix 05-17-2015 14:12 PM

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Hi everyone! I decided to make a big titan sun god. Hope you like it. I learned a lot from this work.:):):)

Kimzart 05-26-2015 15:14 PM

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Hi, everyone! I'm Kimzart from Japan.
This is the first time for me to post.
This time, I painted "Aztec natural friendly God."

ogereye 05-27-2015 05:42 AM

I think I am done, too.

AlienWarble 05-27-2015 16:55 PM

I know it's getting close to the deadline but, if anyone is still looking for references I found a really cool site called They list all kinds of gods from pretty much all cultures and what they represent etc. Good luck to all!

fabriciomicheli 05-28-2015 12:32 PM

when is the deadline guys?

AlienWarble 05-28-2015 22:53 PM

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Quetzalcoatl is the feathered serpent God of creation. Said to have been conceived by his mother accidentally swallowing a piece of blue green jade. He was responsible for many great things like ending human sacrifice. It is also said that his heart created the morning star (sun?) when he died. I started this off going for more of an evil vibe but made it more colorful to represent what this God was all about. Hope you all enjoy. And to be fair I did use Zbrush ! Rules say you can use 3d elements but maybe I went too far!!! HAHA, I just really liked the theme here but If I can't win it's OK with me!

AlienWarble 05-29-2015 09:24 AM

Photo upload help
My Final Image appears to come out a bit Grainy? The original is a bit more sharp, any ideas anyone?

AlienWarble 05-29-2015 13:07 PM

HUGE THANKS! To......Skyrocket for help on uploading ! If anyone from Gnomon is reading, this guy deserves an award for helping out !

Bunker 05-31-2015 21:08 PM

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I also chose to do Quetzalcoatl; however, I drew him in a human form. I also focused on crow symbolism instead of quetzal.

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