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The Gnomon Workshop 06-01-2017 12:05 PM

June, 2017: Animal Weapons Mount
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Heavy weapons require a mount of some sort which helps the operator efficiently deploy it in battle. Weapons mounts can be found on their persons in the form of a bipod, shoulder mount or on vehicles such as tanks, trucks, planes, etc. This month's challenge is to create a weapons mount specifically used on a realistic or fantastical animal that will be deployed into battle. The interpretation is totally up to you.

alejandro.rodrigo 06-24-2017 14:40 PM

War beetle
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Hello guys,
This is my first time participating in this contest, hopefully you like my submission.

Rezilin 06-25-2017 14:36 PM

Fuse-Shell Hermit Artillery
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First time using the forum, and starting to use the workshop. I hope you like my interpretation of this. I was playing a world of tanks match and thought about artillery and then thought that hermits carry shells, so why not a heavy weapon. :)
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Gorromog 06-26-2017 00:54 AM

Here is my entry:

neutrohn 06-28-2017 08:25 AM

weapon mount pick up elk
hello, this mount is build around the idea using the antlers as some kind of shield while you ride the animal and iam with your gun. i thought a triangular armor design would fit, attached to the antlers. since i play "the surge" (pc game) a lot i was realy looking forward designing my own exoskeleton. so, there it is a elk with an exoskeleton. the third design component was, that i was thinking about these pick up trucks with an maschiene gun attached as a light recon/attack vehicle. yea. here it is my "pick up recon elk maschien gun mount". the render is straight out of zbrush. the only thing i did in photoshop was croping the image and lighten up the colores a bit, because zbrush tend to be very dark. thanks and may the brush be with you.

first picture is my submission.

TheKen 06-29-2017 05:09 AM

Elephant Tactical Weapons Mount
I've been out of the world of 3D for a few years now, finally decided it's time to start back up with it all. Trying to knock the dust off the brain and learn the programs again. My submission for this challenge is a weapons mount for an elephant.

Bradlay 06-29-2017 10:04 AM

Turtle With Mounted M2 .50cal
This is my entry for this months challenge, had lots of fun with this one and learnt quite a bit about hard surface modelling.

For more angles click this link:

kambur 06-29-2017 14:08 PM

Diplodocus Weapon
This is a concept of a diplodocus that's used for destroying walls. A huge boulder is attached to it's neck. To counter balance everything, the neck is attached to a pole on it's back and then to the tail. As we all know dinosaurs are pretty stupid, so they need to be controlled by humans. There are two cranks on the lower deck that allow to steer the neck. Further down the deck there is room for some archers. The top deck is for the captain who will give orders. Hope you like it:)

Koso 06-29-2017 19:17 PM

animal weapon mount
I see that I took the challenge different way others. I made a fantasy animal that is used in a battle. The man made holes in his tail and atached this mount, you can change the top disc, for bigger or smaller size, depens on what you need at the moment.

hope you like it, good luck to all.

itszkelvinxd 06-29-2017 19:49 PM

War Tortoise - Model
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This is my first time doing an entry contest. Had fun doing this and putting what I learned from Gnomon videos. The tortoise with his cannons reminds me of Blastoise from Pokemon and thats where inspirations cam from.

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