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The Gnomon Workshop 07-02-2018 15:46 PM

July 2018: Firework Rocket Launcher
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Fireworks come in many different varieties and sizes and are celebrated globally. Some common types are hand held sparklers, fountains that shower colorful sparks, firecrackers that pop & bang and the grand finale, aerial displays of mortars & artillery shells that you normally see at firework shows. One thing in common is they all need a platform to launch from, whether its handheld or a permanent fixture. Though these platforms can be plain and boring, itís up to you to create your version of an awesome looking Firework Rocket Launcher. Be creative, have fun, and make it functional!

int Angel 07-29-2018 10:49 AM

Firework rocket launcher
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i had problems with my computer :/, but i did my best, hope you enjoy!! :rolleyes:'

ahmedrassmy 07-30-2018 03:39 AM

Hello everyone. Hope everybody is doing fine. Here is my submission for this month.

ritchie.o 07-30-2018 15:02 PM

Fireworks rocket launcher.
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Growing up in the inner city. This was the rocket launcher of choice in my neighborhood!

KelvinOngko 07-30-2018 22:31 PM

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This is my entry for the competition. Hope you guys like it! :)
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Attachment 10568

ritchie.o 07-31-2018 06:43 AM

Fire Works Launcher
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Here is my back in the day fireworks launcher!

King James 07-31-2018 10:57 AM

Firework Rocket Launcher
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hope u like it

Henry Amoah 07-31-2018 11:11 AM

Fireworks Rocket Launcher
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This is my first accomplished project. Hope you guys love it

LodenMF 07-31-2018 18:29 PM

Firework rocket launcher
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Fireworks with a little extra Bang inside!
Just started modeling hope you enjoy :)

sudiptodas 07-31-2018 23:56 PM

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Hello, this is my entry.Thank you.

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