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The Gnomon Workshop 03-02-2017 13:32 PM

March, 2017: War Helmet
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Whose to say you can't look awesome while protecting your head in battle? Whether it's to strike fear into your enemies or to show off your nobility, this month's contest theme is to design your own personal war helmet!

edit: Winners Announced!

Angie M A 03-23-2017 07:26 AM

Lady warrior
My lady Warrior helmet submission, Zbrush software used. Still learning 3D art/modeling and wishing I could afford 'Keyshot' software because I'm finding lighting and materials quite difficult to figure out in Zbrush. Anyway here it is. 03-26-2017 07:27 AM

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This war helmet was fashioned for the great samurai warrior's of old who's sole occupation was demon hunting! Made in Zbrush, Maya and photoshop!

SkirdrValdr 03-27-2017 09:10 AM

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Hello. This is a fantastic war helmet of the middle age western knight.
Created with ZBrush, Keyshot and Photoshop.

neutrohn 03-27-2017 17:32 PM

Gladiator helmet
Hello, this is my gladiator helmet inspired gladiator helmet. i kinda got interested with gladiator characters lately so i decidet to create one of my own with inspiration from "for honor". i pause at this stage so he aint got materials yet. maybe i add it later.

Thomas Weger 03-30-2017 09:36 AM

RZ-701 Alpha Helmet
Hi altogether,

here's my entry for this month challenge.
It's a scifi war helmet made for space combat.

Sculpted in zbrush rendered in keyshot

tarekjsamaan 03-30-2017 14:35 PM

War Helmet
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Her is my entry for this month
Attachment 10126

elzeore 03-30-2017 19:19 PM

This is my first work in Zbrush. Hopefully I can texture her and and import her in marmoset for a full 3D picture. I've not gotten to watch tutorial about texturing and rendering in Zbrush yet.

Koso 03-31-2017 02:15 AM

Tactical Helmet for challenge
Hello, so the last message I posted is showing right away so I am trying to repost my submissions now. If it will be 2 times here at the end I will delete one.

My version of War Helmet. I decided to go with futuristic style, because I do not think we would go back with the tech and since I should be wearing it, It has to go forward. I learned a lot about hard edges, texturing, shaders and lightcaps in Zbrush. Overall it was a good challenge for me. Great theme, looking forward for the next one!

I am trying to post from links, so the resolution can be bigger. Hope it works

b.guimera 03-31-2017 05:57 AM

epic helmet
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Hi, i have done this helmet for the challenge:

Attachment 10128
Attachment 10129
Attachment 10127

It was sculpted in zbrush, textured in substance painter and rendered in maya with arnold

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