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fabiomsilva 06-11-2010 15:37 PM

Demoreel C&C please
Hi everyone!

I would like to get some C&C if possible on these two demoreels i made(character demoreel is from janurary 2009, and fx reel is of november), so i understand what to change on my new one(i'm aiming at a new character reel).
these two didnt got me any job in anyplace (and i think i tried pretty much everywhere in the world) so i'd really would like if you guys could help me understand why so i can improve.

character reel

VFX reel

oh yeah, and this is my portfolio

many thanks

ps: both demoreel's were sent to companies(email or by dvd) with higher resolution. dvd resolution

Alby MedinA 06-13-2010 11:23 AM

Hi Fabio!

Your work is great! What about specialization? Have you thought of this? I think the result will be even better than now.
I see that you are a very very good generalist.
I'm not the best placed to give any advice, but I'd bet on a particular area, and would keep the rest for applications as a generalist.
I would not send more than one application per company. It is assumed that most companies require specialization. Your level is great, fantastic, but could improve more if you keep on one specific area.

Keep on it! keep networking, opportunities can appear at any moment! sure

Kind regards

fabiomsilva 06-13-2010 13:13 PM

thank you for your information.
I was actually doing that as we speak. for some time now, i've specialized more in modeling :) both sculpting and "hardmodeling"

tho seems like most companies also require some degree of texturing so i cant put that aside it seems:)

Alby MedinA 06-14-2010 05:12 AM

:) thats a good choice

I hope to see more works from you, and good luck!!

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